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Each dog is unique and their physical and behavioural traits will be the result of multiple factors, including genetics, training, handling, and environment. Using a proprietary analysis and database, Wisdom Panel® 3.0 product can provide insight into the breed ancestry of your dog. The Wisdom Panel® 3.0 product is designed and intended to be used solely to either identify the genetic breed makeup and predict the adult size of such a mixed-breed dog, or to confirm the genetic profile observed in a tested dog matches a particular breed profile. No other purpose is intended, authorised, or permitted.

Upon receipt of your sample, Mars Veterinary will analyse your dog’s DNA to determine the breed(s) present in your dog’s recent ancestry. In the case of a likely purebred dog, this will involve a comparison of genetic profile in your dog to a proposed breed. In the case of a proposed crossbred dog (i.e. a dog with ancestry from two different purebred parents), this will involve determining the heritage of your dog’s sire and dam. In all cases this is done with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Mars Veterinary’s testing procedures are designed to provide reliable and accurate results. Mars Veterinary is not responsible for any errors in obtaining the swab sample or for any injuries or loss that may occur as a result.

In the unlikely event that it is not possible to determine breed history or that an error in the analysis occurs, liability by Mars Veterinary or related companies and inpiduals is expressly disclaimed. Damages, if any, are limited to the payment actually received by Mars Veterinary for the specified analysis at issue. Wisdom Panel® 3.0 is based upon the Mars Veterinary database of validated breeds. If your dog contains other breeds, it may result in the identification of breeds, or a combination of breeds in the database, related to the breeds in your pet’s history.

Many countries and provinces have breed-specific ordinances and laws that may require special handling or prohibit the ownership of some dogs with a particular breed in their genetic background. Wisdom Panel® 3.0 is not intended to be used by regulatory or animal control officials to determine whether a particular breed is legislated or banned in a particular country or province. Nor is Wisdom Panel® 3.0 intended to be used in any judicial proceedings. Rather, it is intended to be used as a tool or resource in determining a dog's genetic history. Neither Mars Veterinary nor any related company is responsible for compliance or notification regarding these matters.