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A Passion for Pets

Wisdom Health has been a strong advocate in the field of genetics for nearly a decade starting with the funding of the initial canine genomics project in 1999. Wisdom Panel features the largest breed database on the market—220 breeds, types and varieties—and our patented detection technology has helped more than 700,000 dog owners learn valuable information about their four-legged family members as well as contribute to the research and detection of diseases in all dogs.

We Proudly Partner With:

  • Genoscoper
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  • GeneSeek
  • Waltham
  • Morris Animal Foundation
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MDR1 Technology Licensed From:

  • Washington State University

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The World's Leader in Canine Genetic Testing

With the largest breed database on the market it’s no wonder more than 800,000 people have tested their dog with a Wisdom Health DNA test.

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The Largest Breed Database on the Market

With more than 220+ breeds, types and varieties, Wisdom Health features the largest breed database on the market for superior accuracy. Drawing from more than 12,000 samples we provide you with three generations of ancestry for your dog and much more!