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A Better World for Pets

At Wisdom Health, our mission is to facilitate responsible pet care by enhancing the well-being and relationship between pets, pet owners, breeders, shelters and veterinarians through valuable insights into pets as individuals.

We have spent nearly two decades researching canine genetics starting with our instrumental role in the Canine Genomics project in 1999. Wisdom Health was established in 2005 and since that time our team of scientists and geneticists have been analysing canine DNA and identifying the most useful DNA SNP markers to distinguish between different dog breeds. Using that set of more than 1800 markers and DNA samples from each breed, our researchers have developed signatures (patterns) specific to each breed. 



To date, the Wisdom Health database of breed signatures is the largest in the world (more than 15,000 samples) with more than 220 breeds, types and varieties represented and we are expanding it every year. In addition we hold the worldwide exclusive license on the breed detection analysis process developed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute making our tests the only ones in the world with this technology.

We continue to work with researchers in the field such as Washington State University to license the MDR1 multi-drug sensitivity test, and Genoscoper Laboratories® in Finland for our extensive disease screening and diversity testing to expand our offerings for consumers, breeders, veterinarians, and shelters alike. We believe in the important role genetics can play in making a better world for our four-legged family members. By using DNA to discover a dog's ancestry and screen for genetic diseases, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to proactively address the one-of-a-kind needs of each unique dog. Simply put, when you know the breeds in your dog you know a lot more about how to make them happy and healthy.


Wisdom Panel 3.0 is launched with MDR1 drug sensitivity testing is launched in the UK


A Division of Mars Petcare completes the transition of Mars Veterinary into the Mars Petcare segment.


Wisdom Panel 2.0 is launched into the consumer channel.

Banfield CTS headquarters becomes the permanent home of the Mars Veterinary Business unit.


Wisdom Panel Insights is launched into the consumer channel.


Wisdom Panel MX is launched into the U.S. veterinary channel.


A Division of Mars Symbioscience is formed and Mars Veterinary becomes part of the Symbioscience incubator segment based at Nottingham Laboratory.


The Breed Determination Patent is licensed from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Genomics Technology Platform (Profile Technology) is created for researching canine DNA solutions at Waltham and Nottingham University Laboratories.