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Wisdom Panel 2.0
Wisdom Panel 2.0
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Wisdom Panel® 2.0 Genetic Breed Identification



The Mars Veterinary team of scientists and geneticists have been researching and developing canine DNA tests for nearly 10 years and have tested more than 700,000 dogs. Wisdom Panel 2.0 test is the most comprehensive breed analysis test in the world and Mars Veterinary holds the worldwide exclusive license for use of the patented breed analysis process from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute.

The Wisdom Panel 2.0 Canine DNA Test Provides:

  • Screening for more than 185 breeds and varieties
  • Identification of purebred ancestors present in the first three generations (to the great-grandparent level)
  • A predicted weight profile
  • Extensive behavioural information on the breed(s) detected

Using 1800+ markers and a 12,000+ sample database, the Wisdom Panel 2.0 canine DNA test covers more than 185 breeds and varieties including most of those recognised by The Kennel Club. The test can be run for mixed-breed, designer, or purebred dogs. The procedure is the same for all three, but you decide at the time of activation how you would like us to run it. For purebred and designer dogs, the test will provide additional Principle Component Analysis charts comparing your dog with others of that same breed(s) in our database and for purebred tests specifically, an additional Homozygosity Profile.

The Wisdom Panel 2.0 Canine DNA Test kit comes in an envelop and includes:

  • Instructions
  • (2) DNA cheek swabs – both for use on one dog
  • Pre-paid label and envelope for shipping back to the lab

Foreign Dogs?+

Is your dog from a country outside the contiguous US, UK, Canada, Australia or Germany?

The Wisdom Panel test was developed using pure breeds primarily from those found on The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club registry lists. If your dog was imported from a country other than Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, or mainland U.S., or you suspect that your dog’s ancestors are from outside these countries, his breed ancestry may not be well represented in our database.


OPEN SWAB SLEEVE – Peel back the edges of the swab sleeve about 3 centimetres (not all the way) and remove swab by holding its handle. Do not touch the bristles. Save the sleeve to place the swabs in for mailing.
COLLECT CHEEK CELLS – Firmly roll the swab’s bristles between the inner surface of the cheek and gums for about 15 seconds for each swab. NOTE: DO NOT let your dog eat anything or share a water dish with other dogs for about an hour before you do the test.
AIR DRY SWABS – Allow swabs to dry for about five minutes. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second swab.
ACTIVATE YOUR KIT – Visit and click on the “Activate You Kit” button at the top of the page. Fill out all the information, check it for accuracy and submit. You will receive an Activation Code Number that you need to write on the back of your Sample ID Sticker.
APPLY SAMPLE ID STICKER – Complete the label with your Activation Code Number and apply it to the back of the swab sleeve.
REINSERT DRY SWABS – Reinsert both dry swabs into the protective sleeve they came in. DO NOT reseal as this can cause bacterial growth.
SEAL THE CARTON – Place the sleeve with the swabs back into the carton it came in and seal. If it was a box, place the tabs in the slots, remove the tape backing and close carton tightly.
MAIL TEST TO LAB – Apply the included pre-paid shipping label and place with the outgoing mail. Note all international samples are shipped to the US for processing so please allow extra time. IN APPROXIMATELY 2-3 WEEKS FROM THE TIME THE SAMPLE REACHES THE LAB YOU WILL BE EMAILED A LINK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR REPORT.


A great product


This is my second Wisdom Panel and the update is incredible! I'm buying another for a Christmas gift and another for myself for another dog.


Boone, NC


Rescue Dogs


I run a home based small breed dog rescue. Often, we'll pull a dog from a shelter who ends up being pregnant. Knowlege of breeds involved helps us chose appropriate homes so we have used Wisdom Panel several times. I did much research to choose the best dog DNA lab to use and Wisdom Panel won hands down. By far most of the time, we are confident in the results. I have no complaints.


House Springs, MO (near St. Louis)


Fun to see, not entirely sure about the accuracy.


I had a great experience using this service. The swab was simple, and the packaging was great. Once the sample was at the lab, I was excited to get the results. I'm not too sure about the accuracy though, my dog Hogan looks like a small black lab, about 55lbs. He's got a few white patches on his chest and one on his chin. The report said that he was 50% lab, 25% tervuren, and 25% tibetan mastiff, all of which are bigger than Hogan. I can kind of see the mastiff in the head, but the size is throwing me off. It's not an exact science, so I'm not going to fault wisdom panel too much for the accuracy. I had plenty of fun poking and prodding my dog to see if I could guess his heritage.


Sterling, VA


Correct DNA helped my pup grow strong


My pup is a stray with a lot of bone & joint issues. After we got our DNA results it told us that he had one very large breed with many other smaller breeds in him. That knowledge helped us to treat his problems while he is still young & his growth plates are still forming. Without his DNA we would not have known the correct course to take. The best part is now we know that he will grow out of all his problems.

Buddy's Mom

Babson Park, Fl.


Mixed up results?


Yikes! Our 84lb long haired Black with white chest female mixed breed was said to be Dalmatian, Whippet, Pappion and English Setter? Seriously. Given her height, weight and overall size and appearance, this is not even physically possible. I am very disappointed :( Imagine walking on the trails with my big fluffy dog and saying her DNR results when asked by strangers? I will certainly let folks know where NOT to have DNA testing. I will say the process was easy and fun. The results, not so much.


Reston VA


Great experience


Very easy to use. Knowing my dogs background explains a lot about him. Love it!


QC, Canada


Are You Sure


I bought this kit #3568574 for my granddog, Max. We were just sure he was a St Bernard mix. He is long legged,has long shaggy white hair with patches of Black and Grey. The results we got back say he is a Lab-Sheltie mix. At adulthood he should weigh 39-64 lbs. He weighs 120. A very large dog. I wondered if I should have the test redone. I also had 2 other pets tested and their results looked reasonable.

Granny to fur babies

New Braunfels, TX


Poodle Mix Redefined!


Tho I knew my adopted Elle had Miniature Poodle background and always referred to as a Poodle Mix, this concisely cleared up how her beautiful deep eyes came from her Beagle side with a touch of Affenpincher to give her that cute little shaggy coat. Just would not have been able to detect all this without the test. Importantly, know the health concerns which could be there. Report was generated in very short period of time and well handled by Mars.

Nancy Lee

Livonia, Mi


Had heard some panels show a percentage.


I thought the panel might include a percent so was a bit disappointed. I see none of the behaviors or looks of Wheaton terrier, but can see that pointer may b in the mix from her weight/size. I definitely see border collie in her stare, stance, athleticism, and looks. Wondered how you come up with heritage 2 generations back - interesting. With that said I am glad I did the wisdom panel, and would recommend your company.

Kim Dixie's mom

West melbourne. Florida


Loved it


We were told that the Dog we recused was a German Shepherd Lab mix. She looks very much like a Greman shepherd but she is 2 1/2 years old and weighs approx 35 lbs so we wanted to find out what else she was mixed with being the size that she was. The results came back and found out that she had Chinese Shar-pei which explains the wrinkles in between her ears and Amer.stafford terrier. We found the testing to be very interesting

Laura the bowler

Berlin, CT


Wisdom Panel

4.2 222